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Power Flushing

What is a Power-Flush?

Over the years, as your heating system is working away it begins to corrode and leaves what we refer to as sludge in the system. This sludge travels around your heating system sticking to the inside of the pipes. This reduces the diameter of the pipe or in some cases blocks the pipe completely. Sludge will also find its way into your radiators

A full heating power-flush will take at least a day to complete.  Prices differ due to size of system and number of radiators etc. The benefit in power-flushing your heating system can be felt immediately due to the increased rate at which your house will now heat and how much extra heat each radiator will produce. Over a longer time period gas bills will also be lowered due to reduced boiler usage. Power-flushing can also result in fewer boiler breakdowns. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or for a free Power-Flush Quotation.

causing the radiator to be cold at the bottom and hot at the top. This results in the room receiving insufficient heat and taking far to long to warm up. This will create a huge strain on your boiler as it has to work twice as hard to heat your house - not forgetting using twice as much gas resulting in high gas bills!

Your boiler's heat exchanger is also at risk from sludge build up which will decrease the life span of the boiler.

Clearflow will arrive at your property with our Power-Flushing machine and connect this to your heating system whilst flushing around an acid based chemical to clean out any sludge build-up and replenish your heating system with clean water. A central heating inhibitor is used which dramatically slows down any sludge build-up for many years.